Who Is John Lutchman?

For John Lutchman – formerly known as Johnnybee – love for music came early when he bought his first vinyl record at seven years old. Growing up in a musical family in Brooklyn, his passion grew with each record, cassette, and new upgrade that he added to his musical playground. It didn’t take long for him to make up his mind to take his passion to the next level. It’s hard to put a finger on his unique sound, but it’s heavily influenced by the breakbeats of the B-Boy era to the Caribbean sounds from his family heritage to a wide spectrum of the house music world, among other genres.

A dedicated student to turntablism, his obsession with creativity and constant improvement earned him a number of competitive accolades and high-profile performances. His talents have been in demand in the club scene since he was 12, leading to sets in Miami, various legendary New York City nightclubs (Marquee, Cielo, Pacha), and an east coast college tour. The dynamic, high-energy open format sets that his loyal fans come to expect are equal parts precise technical skill, imaginative on-the-fly mashups, and good ol’ fashioned party rockin’. The “musical journey” is the crucial element of a John Lutchman set, and it happens by constantly introducing the crowd to new music, flipping old tracks, and rejecting the idea of mixing a song the same way twice.

Now approaching 20 years of honing his craft, John Lutchman is far from done with experimenting and expanding his voice. Refusing to rest on his laurels, he’s now setting his sights on production. He’s had recent success on original progressive house tracks and a hip-hop remix, but expect to find rough drafts in anything from drum and bass to electro-house to techno and trap on his computer; the creative process is rarely tied to any specific genre, but he truly prefers “quality over quantity” music. In the end, he’s still that curious 7-year-old kid with a vinyl record, and he just aspires to compose timeless music, make people dance, and breathe fresh new air into the industry.

“The man who has no imagination has no wings”. – Muhammad Ali

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